2020 AI & Innovation

International Symposium on Fundamental and Applied Sciences (8th ISFAS)
Asia Conference on Engineering and Information (ACEAI)
Artificial Intelligence is based on the research of fundamental and applied sciences. Through the evolution of information and engineering, it has gradually penetrated and changed not only ourlives but our work style, which has resulted in bringing new experiences and convenience. And yet we’re facing with an unprecedented challenge and a crisis of privacy.
An agenda, such diversified and interdisciplinary, ACEAI and the 8th ISFAS sincerely invite all relevant professionals in both academic and the industry to present and to exchange.

2020 Important Dates

Submission Deadline - Feb. 05, 2020
Notification of Acceptance - Feb. 29, 2020
Registration Deadline - Mar. 25, 2020
Program Announcement - Apr. 03, 2020


Welcome & Socializing Event - June 01, 2020
Oral Presentation & Poster - June 01 - 03, 2020
Computex TAIPEI - June 02 – 06, 2020  
InnoVex Forum- June 03 – 05, 2020

Call for Papers

All relevant abstracts/full papers in regards to
“Fundamental and Applied Sciences”and “Engineering and Information” are welcomed, especially in the fields of AI, 5G, IoT and Blockchain.
-Cognitive computing
-Data Mining
-Artificial Neural Networks
-Evolutionary Computation
-Machine Learning
-Neuromorphic Computing
-Multi-agent system
-Natural Language Processing
BLOCKCHAIN -Cryptography
-Big Data Analytics
-Blockchain Technology
-Intelligent Web
-Material Science
-Convolution Neural Network
-Cloud Computing
5G - Electromagnetism
-Mobile Sensor Networks
-Optical Wireless Technologies
-Information and Communication
-Signal Reconstruction
-AI, 5G, IoT and Blockchain
-Fuzzy Logic
-Bayesian Networks
-Parallel Processing
-Electronic materials
-Computer Technologies
-Thin-Film Deposition
-Engineering science
-Aerospace Engineering
-Material Sciences
-AI, 5G, IoT and Blockchain
- Cloud Engineering
- Information Engineering
- Logistics Engineering
- Maintenance Engineering
- System Engineering
- Telecommunication Engineering
- Information and Computer Science
- Information Logistics
- Information Processing and Management
- Information Space Analysis
- Informedia Digital Library
- Information Audit
- Information Search Process